The vibrating screen is a screening equipment capable of grading, dehydration, desliming, de-intermediation, and sorting. The vibration of the sieve body is used to loosen, stratify, and pass through the sieve to achieve the purpose of material separation. The screening effect of the vibrating screen not only has a great impact on the value of the product, but also has a direct impact on the efficiency of the next operation.

In daily production, vibrating screens will encounter various problems, such as bearing heating, parts wear, breakage, and screen hole blockage, wear, etc. These are the main reasons that affect the screening efficiency. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, Solving these common problems is key to providing security for follow-up operations.

Arc vibrating screen

Vibrating screen bearing heating

In general, during the test run and normal operation of the vibrating screen, the bearing temperature should be kept in the range of 35~60°C. If the temperature exceeds this value, cooling treatment is required. The main reasons for the high bearing temperature are as follows:

1. The bearing radial clearance is too small

The radial clearance of the vibrating screen bearing is too small, which will cause the bearing to wear and heat up, mainly because the bearing carries a large load, the frequency is high, and the load is constantly changing.
Solution: It is recommended that the bearing adopt large clearance. If it is a bearing with ordinary clearance, the outer ring of the bearing can be ground to form a large clearance.

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