In our office environment, file cabinets are more commonly used, mainly used to store documents, materials, files, etc. File cabinets play a very important role in improving people’s office efficiency and high-order office. With the demand of the market, There are more and more types, styles, and specifications of filing cabinets. Let’s take a look at the specifications of filing cabinets.

File cabinet specifications

The size of the file cabinet should have regular size, special size and customized size. For example, the general side-by-side vertical filing cabinet adopts a side-by-side door design. Its size is 1800*900*390mm, which is a conventional size. If the company is relatively large and has a lot of materials, it needs a larger office file cabinet for storage. The size of the larger file cabinets is generally controlled below 2000mm in height, which is convenient to take, and the width is within 900mm, otherwise the door of the file cabinet is too wide and easy to deform. The size of the file cabinet can be increased as much as possible without affecting the use, but enough is enough.

file cabinets

If you need to customize the size of the filing cabinet, such as widening and heightening, you need professional personnel to ensure the final stability and safety of the product according to your site and specific needs and specifications. Another example is a small filing cabinet, which is suitable for placing on a counter or a large cabinet. The specification of this office filing cabinet is 400*540*260mm. It is a special size.

The size of the office filing cabinet can be referred to according to the company’s space, the amount of data stored, and the scope of use. If the company is large and has a lot of information, it is natural to buy a larger file cabinet to store more things and get more storage space.

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