The mirror floor is a finely treated concrete floor that is ground and polished with high-efficiency grinding equipment and diamond tools.

This kind of ground is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has a good working environment. This kind of ground has good durability and low cost throughout its life. It is both beautiful and economical. It is an ideal ground for industrial buildings and public buildings.

Floor mirror treatment is a concept of overall fine treatment of concrete floors. This technology uses a mechanical method to finely treat the surface of the concrete. It removes the cement paste that is low in strength, easy to dust, and is not wear-resistant on the top surface of the concrete, and exposes the high strength concrete entity below it. The result is a completely uniform, high-quality, functional and aesthetic concrete surface.

1. Features of mirror floor

Smooth surface, high-gloss polished surface effect, high-strength wear-resisting, long life, low maintenance cost, high economic efficiency.


2. Mirror floor renovation process

(1) First, use floor polishing equipment to smooth the ground.

(2) Clean up the dust on the floor after smoothing, and then apply a layer of curing agent on the floor.

(3) Fill the gaps and holes between the terrazzo floors with floor fillers, and then fill them with reinforcement.

(4) Ground dry grinding equipment polishes the ground, and finally uses polishing paste to mirror the ground.

3. Precautions for mirror floor renovation

(1) The floor must be thoroughly cleaned before mirror treatment, and it must be kept dry.

(2) The equipment for mirror treatment should not be too light. The weight of brushing the ground that is too light is insufficient and the effect is relatively poor. The weight, power and speed of the machine are the key effects that affect the ground effect.

(3) The site of the terrazzo mirror surface treatment must ensure that no sand and dust enter, and the stains on the surface must be cleaned and kept dry after polishing.


4. Scope of application

Widely used in various industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centers, garages, supermarkets, etc.; not only suitable for new concrete, wear-resistant floors, terrazzo floors, and further improve the beauty and durability of the floor, especially for old concrete, problems Refurbishment of wear-resistant floor and terrazzo floor extends the service life of the floor, reduces costs and saves time.

5. Product features

Improve the various physical strengths of the substrate. Over time, the intensity continues to increase. Improve chemical resistance and weathering resistance. Increase water tightness and increase the surface strength of mortar.