After the spring rain, the sun is shining and the air is extraordinarily fresh. Recently, Linyu launched the “Tiger Roaring Kyushu” 100-day market battle. In order to meet more market demands, Linyu continued to innovate in product research and development. Today, I will introduce an ordinary liquid transport semi-trailer to card friends.

CLY9400GPG36 Ordinary liquid transport semi-trailer

1. New color, beautiful appearance, FRP head + aluminum alloy surface high-bright white acid and alkali-resistant paint, easy to clean, and improve the texture of the whole vehicle;

liquid transporter

2. The patented structure of the outer reinforcing ring, the scientific arrangement of the butterfly-shaped wave-proof board and the simple wave-proof board, the impact resistance effect is better;

liquid transporter

3. Through the optimized design of the frame and bracket, the center of gravity of the tank is reduced by 80mm, and the driving stability is higher;

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