One of the commonly used processing equipment in the field of calcium powder processing is hydrated lime equipment. With the strong requirements of the environmental protection department for the powder processing industry to strictly prohibit dust pollution. From a single piece of equipment, it has developed into an entire calcium hydroxide production line that is basically automated from automatic lime feeding to automatic ash, automatic slag discharge, automatic dust collection, automatic powder selection, and automatic quantitative weighing and packaging.

The entire line It is environmentally friendly and labor-saving, which greatly reduces the operating cost of calcium powder processing. With the continuous development of science and technology, if we want to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, we must increase the investment in science and technology. How to realize the automation of equipment has become a problem that manufacturers are very concerned about.

Assembly line industrial production will have more advantages in automated production. In fact, for the production of basic hydrated lime, if a relatively basic assembly line operation method can be achieved, the output of hydrated lime will also be improved. For the basic hydrated lime production line It is also necessary to realize basic automation. Of course, this needs to ensure the perfection of some core parts of the production equipment.

The use of hydrated lime equipment is also based on a relatively complete system for basic operations. For the production of basic calcium hydroxide, the current production equipment can already guarantee the output and quality. If the production of the equipment is more If it is perfect, there is basically no need for human operation. Of course, this requires the hydrated lime production line to have a complete drive system, transmission system, execution system, detection system, and control system. Five major systems.

1. Drive system. The driving system is the power source of the main machine, only with the driving system can the hydrated lime production line run.

2. Transmission system. Through the transmission device, the kinetic energy can be transmitted to each execution system, so that the execution system has kinetic energy, so that the purpose of transportation can be achieved, and the energy can also be transferred to the auxiliary system in the hydrated lime production line.

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