Polishing pads are mainly used to process some materials, and diamond polishing pads are commonly used abrasive pads. Diamond polishing pads are also called diamond polishing pads, which are flexible made of diamond as abrasive and combined with composite materials. The whole process of processing tools is divided into four stages: rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The processed stone has a gloss of over 90°. Do you understand the points and related content of the production equipment?

Diamond polishing pad features

1. The resin bond used has good softness of the grinding disc and is convenient for installation and use;

2. Strong grinding force, fast polishing speed and high gloss;

3. Good wear resistance and long service life;

4. There are no scratches and color left on the floor after grinding and polishing (not easy to stain).

Performance of diamond polishing pad production equipment

1. Using PC or manual control, reliable performance and high degree of automation. It can automatically recognize wrong commands and avoid accidents caused by wrong operations.

2. The pre-programmed process can be locked, so that the operator cannot change it without authorization to ensure the quality of the pressed product.

3. It has the functions of timing mold opening, automatic deflation, and automatic pressure compensation.

4. Manual, automatic and electric operation modes are available for selection.

5. The electric heating press adopts digital display (pointer type) to control the temperature, control and display the temperature of the heating plate.

Diamond polishing pad production equipment structure

This equipment belongs to Neiwei automatic production equipment. The automatic production line is composed of the main electrical monitoring center, mechanical part, junction box, and operation panel. The main computer monitoring center is connected to the mechanical part through the junction box and connected to the operation panel; this equipment replaces the previous production of diamond polishing pads by humans. The original manual operation method. The problem of labor shortage required for the production of diamond polishing pads is solved. The products produced have been greatly improved in terms of quality, consistency and quantity. After understanding the above content, do you know the applicable scope of diamond polishing pads?

Application scope of diamond polishing pad

1. Suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, curved board and special-shaped stone processing;

2. It can also be used for special-shaped processing, repair and renovation of marble, concrete, cement floors, terrazzo, glass-ceramics, artificial stones, floor tiles, glazed tiles, and vitrified tiles;

3. It has a complete and standardized particle size color system and good flexibility. It is handy in the processing of lines, chamfers, curved slabs and special-shaped stones such as granite, marble, and artificial stone. There are many shapes, specifications, and various particle sizes. The number is easy to distinguish, and can be used with various hand grinders and ground refurbishing machines flexibly according to needs and habits.

The transformation of social and economic development mode provides opportunities for the development of diamond polishing pads. In addition, the national policy provides unprecedented opportunities for the development of diamond polishing pads. Industrial floors everywhere are beginning to develop in the direction of dust-free, pollution-free, radiation-free, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. It is precisely this that has led to unprecedented development opportunities for diamond polishing pads.

Use polishing pads for polishing, and choose polishing pads of different particle sizes for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing, which will bring the desired results to the enterprise. As a commonly used grinding tool, diamond polishing pad is also an ideal stone grinding tool. Of course, if a company wants to achieve the final ideal effect, it must be flexibly matched with various hand grinders or refurbished according to its own needs and habits. The use of the machine, and then use and process according to the actual situation.