The so-called clutch is to use “off” and “on” to transmit the right amount of power. The agricultural machinery clutch consists of friction plates, spring plates (disc springs are used for tractors, and diaphragm springs are used for harvesters), a pressure plate and a power output shaft. It is transmitted to the gearbox to ensure that the agricultural machinery transmits the appropriate amount of driving force and torque to the driving wheels under different working conditions.

The clutch is a device that connects the agricultural machinery engine and the transmission, and the clutch pedal is the clutch control device. When the clutch pedal is stepped on or lifted, the engine and the transmission will be temporarily separated or smoothly combined to cut off or transmit power to realize changes in the agricultural machine’s starting, shifting, parking and other motion states. Slowly lift the clutch until it is fully lifted. If the engine stalls when the clutch is lifted, it proves that the clutch is not slipping. If the engine does not stall when the clutch is lifted, it may be a problem with the clutch.

Tractor clutch

The tractor clutch generally uses a double-acting clutch, that is, one road is responsible for walking, and the other road is responsible for power output. Due to structural reasons, the gap between the flange of the clutch pressure plate and the housing is relatively small, especially in the south of the Huaihe River in my country, where there is abundant rainfall and high air humidity, and the tractor is not used every day (sometimes it is not used for several months) , In this way, it is bound to be prone to rust, which will cause adhesion between the pressure plate bracket and the flange, resulting in incomplete separation of the clutch.

Suggestion: before using the tractor parked for a long time, the tractor operator should first open the clutch inspection port, use a flat screwdriver to turn the clutch assembly, and spray a little rust remover on the three flanges of the clutch pressure plate, and then step on the A few clutch pedals make it move back and forth, and then the tractor can be used normally for various tasks.


Combine Harvester Clutch

Because the working environment of the combine harvester is very bad, there is a lot of dust in the air, and the clutch is an open structure. When the harvester is working, the dust in the air is brought into the clutch chamber from the gap between the clutch pulley and the clutch housing support, and is captured. The rotating clutch is driven by the centrifugal force to the inner space of the pressure plate, gradually forming the phenomenon of clutch slippage (the combine harvester will appear weak when walking). In addition, the clutch drive belt of the combine harvester should not be too tight and should not be started at high speed, otherwise, serious faults such as bending of the clutch shaft will easily occur.


1. The designer of the Technology Center Research Institute should design grooves on the inner wall of the clutch housing (corresponding to the clutch pulley), and stick felt strips of uniform thickness to prevent large dust particles from entering the clutch chamber. Note: rubber seals cannot be used. ring, because the clutch pulley is at the end of a shaft, there will be a large jump).

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