Tractor clutch kits are assemblies that include all the necessary components for replacing or repairing the clutch system of a tractor. The clutch is a critical component that engages and disengages the power transmission between the engine and the transmission, allowing the tractor to shift gears and control power delivery.

Tractor clutch kits advantages

Improved Performance

Upgrading to a quality tractor clutch kit can significantly enhance the performance of the tractor. Clutch kits are designed to provide smooth engagement and disengagement of the clutch, resulting in improved power transfer from the engine to the transmission. This can lead to better acceleration, increased pulling power, and overall improved tractor performance.

Enhanced Durability

Clutch kits often include high-quality components such as pressure plates, clutch discs, release bearings, and pilot bearings. These components are designed to withstand heavy-duty use and offer increased durability compared to standard factory-installed clutches. Upgrading to a clutch kit can result in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Increased Torque Capacity

Some clutch kits are specifically designed to handle higher torque loads. This is particularly advantageous for tractors used in demanding applications such as heavy towing, agricultural work, or industrial tasks. Upgrading to a clutch kit with a higher torque capacity allows the tractor to handle increased loads without slipping or premature wear.

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